We’ve worked with lots of great people over the years. Here’s what just a few have had to say about FZG Realty.

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Perry is an honest, fair and professional individual who takes pride in his work and will manifest that pride and commitment and dedication to his clients…he will have my continued support and recommendations to others. I truly believe Perry will be a great asset to the Real Estate Brokers community.

- Monica H.


I am confident in Perry as he displays great knowledge in his profession and performs his work with honesty, fairness and professionalism. He has my continued support and I will recommend his services to others.

- Paul V.

Financial Planner

He was a great mentor to me as I was just breaking into the business. I learned so much from Perry. He has an excellent work ethic, and has great integrity. Perry is knowledgeable, a fair business professional and is passionate in his work. He has my continued support and I will recommend his services to many others.

- John M.

Prime Mortgage

He has exhibited the utmost integrity and honesty in dealing with me and other associates. He has a real compassion for fair practices and customer service. He is insightful, understanding and has an excellent capacity for listening to the needs and desires of those with which he is associated

- Russ H.

Internet Start-Up

I have been impressed with his honesty and integrity. I can say, without reservation, that he acts with the highest regard for others and their well being…He is a consummate professional and honest person. I am confident that he would make outstanding contributions to our community as a Real Estate Broker.

- Keith B, Esq.


He has demonstrated impeccable customer service, work ethic and has been a prime example of integrity and values…He is an astounding motivational speaker, leader and role model to his peers. Mr. Fernandez’ attention to detail, professionalism, experience and ingenuity has proven to be a successful combination in leading his team towards achieving their personal and team goals.

- Alfred A.

TransPacific Mortgage

I know by working directly with Perry, I found him to be a business professional, service oriented, and by the book…He has always made himself available to his clients, associates and peers when asked for assistance. He has always been a leader in all his endeavors. He knows what it takes to become successful and will always strive to better himself.

- Sanford F.

SandGlo Corp.