How Returns From San Jose, Silicon Valley area Real Estate Stack Up to Returns From the Stock Market

While challenging to compare, the outcome for those who get in early on a new company or in a neighborhood undergoing revitalization offers potential for fantastic returns. With stocks, if the company does well, you do well. With real estate investments, you grow wealth through your earned equity from appreciation; the amount you’ll earn leveraging … Continued

4 Things You Need to Know About Flipping Houses in San Jose, Silicon Valley area

Residential real estate investors benefit from the appreciation in value that continually builds equity, increasing their wealth over the years while benefitting from the monthly cash flow of rent collections. In addition, well-diversified portfolios protect against a downturn in any one sector of the market and also build a hedge against inflation, as rental rates … Continued

How To Handle Bad Contractors In San Jose, Silicon Valley area

Unfortunately, not every contractor will be able to live up to their promises. While many will work with you to fix any mistakes or problems, there will be some who don’t. Construction projects aren’t cheap. You don’t want to find yourself spending your cash reserves on projects that aren’t up to your standards. In our latest … Continued